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Up to 8,500w at 12v with 300a of available charging

Equivalent to 4 100ah AGM batteries

Weight: 19.5 pounds

 5.75" TALL X 7" DEEP X13.5" WIDE

6 Reviews

  • Great

    Posted by Jose on Feb 18th 2019

    Wow fast shipping and this battery works great thank you

  • More power in 1 battery than 4 G31's

    Posted by Barrett Alan Snyder on Jan 8th 2019

    I was getting ready to upgrade my electrical to handle 12,000rms. I had 4 110ah group31's and a 320amp alternator. I was going to have to buy at least 4 more 77 pound 110ah Group 31's. At 400$ each for the 110ah AGM batteries I was going to spend 1200$ and carry 650 pounds of batteries everywhere I traveled. Instead I did a little research and found a 19.5 battery that was equivalent to 4 Group 31's and 200$ less than the big 110ah AGM'S. So I ended up with 2 45ah limitless batteries w/connectors.
    I have ZERO voltage drop. I can easily power 18,000 RMS however I run about 12,000rms watts on 2 45ah LIMITLESS batteries. With plenty of head room for upgrades or just to make sure Zero voltage drop is how I roll. I sold the AGM's I did have, and love my 2 Limitless batteries. Total weight 39 pounds. I used my spare tire well as a Battery box with a plexiglass panel showing off my Gems. I constantly here how awesome the batteries look under the plexiglass and lit up with a led. Biggest eyecatcher on my Jeep@the shows/competition's are the batteries. I deleted the under hood AGM and am completely Limitless lithium powered ZERO voltage drop.
    Don't waste anymore cash on any AGM buy limitless and your system will turn into a whole different animal. It has changed the way my system is built from the foundation up. The foundation of A good trophy winning system is the power components. Good alternator,Great batteries,&OFC wiring. I use the lug terminals due to personal preference. I think you get a better connection with a cold weld hydraulic crimp and a 3/8 ring terminal. However the 1\0 input style buss bars are cool too. Just depends on personal preference. Thank you for reading my review. Remember I stay at 14.5-14.7 charging voltage. I never have any voltage drop at full tilt. I dropped to low 12's even 9 volt with 4 AGM's. Only time I'm at 13-13.5 is at idle or first start up and the batteries are at there resting voltage. You just need the specific LION charger. You can't charge these with a regular lead acid battery charger.

  • Hands down the most important component of a great Audiophiles investment

    Posted by Barrett Snyder on Dec 22nd 2018

    I already had 4 110ah AGM'S. I was in the process of upgrading my system from 5700rms to 12krms. I was going to need another alternator and at least 4 more 77# 110ah AGM'S. That's when I discovered Limitless Lithium. I opted for 2 45ah batteries with the connection bar. I no longer need a battery under the hood and my 320amp hairpin alternator is plenty to keep the juice box happy. I did a 150db my first competition running 2 of the 45ah and 2 AU15'S these batteries have no voltage drop. At least in my application, I made sure to have extra head room. I'm capable of running 17,000 watts rms however I will be running a little over 12k rms with a peak of 13k. I expect a little voltage drop going from 7krms to 12krms possibly. However if there's a drop in voltage these Limitless Lithium batteries recover so fast it's as if there was never a drop at all. I run 14.5 volt at idle and can maintain 16 volt at 1500rpm. The Limitless alone without an AGM under the hood rest's @13.5 every morning you can count on the same reading. Every time I turn up the volume and have some fun I can expect the exact same result.
    Steady voltage and plenty of power too push 2 monoblock 4500’s & 3k rms with 3 separate 4 channel amps. No need for battery terminals they come with buss bars. I opted for the lug style. I am absolutely amazed at how much wieght I got rid of. 77x8 616 pounds lighter load. 2 of the 45ah Limitless are less weight than 1 group 31 = better MPG and load on the vehicle. If your looking and reading your doing the right thing only thing left to do is order. Limitless Lithium blows the competition away. DIY lithiums are very interesting however I wouldn't have peace of mind knowing that there's the same thing that runs Vape Mods running my competition SPL/SQ Jeep. If you want peace of mind order what you need. There's all sizes for all types of uses and rms ratings. From the 2k system to the 30k insane builds. Don't try to charge your Lithium batteries with anything other than an approved LIPO battery charger. The price you will spend on an AGM bank you can have 10x better using Limitless Lithium. This is an unbiased opinion based on my experience with the brand Limitless Lithium. I spent the $$ no freebies. It was worth every penny. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you have the peace of mind I do knowing I'm continuously solid with my electrical. It's the most important part of your build. Don't cut corners invest in the best.

  • Limitless 45ah

    Posted by Mike Mann on Sep 11th 2018

    It a no brainer when it comes to reserve power. Hooked up to a 2400 Kicker KX pushing two Rockford 15" P3's on 99 Honda Accord with 160 amp alternator. Only drops volts to around 12.5. Save your money and upgrade to Limitless. AGM is old news.

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