RetroPro Series by Limitless Lithuim
Nano Series by Limitless Lithuim
No-Li Series by Limitless Lithuim

About Limitless Lithium 

Limitless Lithium was founded in 2016 by a group of car audio enthusiasts in North Georgia. The founders recognized a huge need for high quality, cost effective lithium batteries. They also wanted to engineer Lithium batteries to fit many different applications and budgets. The goal was to develop Lithium batteries for not only the car audio, but for also a host of other applications like race cars, motorcycles and UTV’s.


After hundreds of hours of research and development and a large financial investment in engineering, the development team at Limitless Lithium was able to engineer and develop what have come to be known as some of the very lithium batteries available on the market today. We are confident in our ground-breaking lithium batteries and are excited to continue to be a pioneer in the market regarding performance and reliability. The founders are excited about the future of Lithium batteries as they continue to grow in application popularity.

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