Four-Channel Relay Box


Four Channel 12VDC Relay Box The RBX-4CH is a self-contained 12VDC relay box designed by Sparked Innovations. Its primary purpose is to simplify traditional automotive relay installation (otherwise known as Bosch-style relays). In other words, it...

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Sparked Innovations

Ohmie – Series to Parallel Remote Switching Box


Ohmie is a Series / Parallel Switching Controller that is remotely activated from anywhere in your vehicle with the use of a normal switch. You can use it to do things such as change the impedance of your subwoofers at the touch of a button to go from a...

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Sparked Innovations

Single Blue 12VDC Voltmeter Round Cigarette Lighter Size


12VDC Voltmeter with LED display.Universal for any 12-volt project. Easily fits in automotive or marine dash panels. Similar in size to an automotive cigarette lighter mounting hole. IP67 waterproof rating allows it to be used on motorcycles or boats to...

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